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David Roy is passionate about Marketing. Living in Montreal, Quebec, David specialise in Internet Marketing. If you want your site to get more visits, you absolutely need to invest in a great Internet Marketing campaign. You’ve got many options: Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords PPC and Social Media.For your site to achieve better positions on Google, contact David Roy at: david_royy@hotmail.com. David will help you create the perfect SEO campaign by optimizing your page to their maximum potential and by looking everywhere on the Internet to find relevant Links for your site to make sure Google always have an eyes on you! If you want faster results, an Adwords campaign will give you a lot of visibility on Google Search Engine without the wait of a long term SEO campaign. With Adwords, you’ll be on Google for every keywords and territories you want and this in less than 24h! You can again contact David for this type of campaign. Even if he’s still studying the different Social Media sites, David Roy can help you if you need any advice on using one of them. You can also visit one of his social media profile by clicking the links on the right menu.

David Roy

Consultant en stratégie web/SEO et coureur.
J’abuse de ma tête en semaine et
de mes jambes le week-end.
Pour me contacter: david_royy@hotmail.com


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